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KAN Development


In 2001, when only arosing professional developing business in Ukraine, KAN Development was founded. In cooperation with partners, the company developing over 15 projects under various stages of implementation at the same time.


KAN Development - the development company, which heads a group of business partners involved in implementing real estate projects with various sizes and levels of complexity. The company include: experts in project management, architects, experienced designers, specialized divisions of engineering, projects operational, financial, commercial and legal support.

For today KAN Development has a successful experience in real estate management system: creation of concepts, design, construction and maintenance of business centers class "A", shopping and entertainment centers, residential complexes, multifunctional objects, multi-level commercial parking lots and others.

Among implemented projects - the capital’s largest shopping and entertainment center Ocean Plaza, the first business center in Kiev of “A +” class IQ Business Center, BC of class "A" 101 TOWER, BC Senator, BC Dominant; several queues of residential complexes "Parkove Misto" and "Comfort Town", premium class residential complex Diamond Hill on the Ivana Mazepy street, Tetris Hall on the Dimitrova street and RC Central Park, the Academy of modern Education A +; shopping and entertainment center ARENA City, entertainment center ARENA Entertainment ; commercial parking "White Kashalot" and parking on the Vladimirskaya 49a street.

The KAN Development activity recognized by international experts, market professionals and capital inhabitants. Over recent years a group of companies and their project becomes the best in nominations: "The Best Developer", "The Best shopping center", "The Best business center," "The Best residential complex", in the MAPIC Awards ratings, iBuild, Commercial Property Awards, Best-of-the -Best, Choice of the Year and others.

The main achievements and assets of the company - professional team, permanent and reliable partners, as well as successful projects.



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KAN Development