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Innovation Park BIONIC Hill


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  • Kiev, Ponomariova St., 1A

  • Design — Pashenko Architectural Bureau
  • Gross Building Area (GBA):
  • IT-PARK, Total Area – 897 700 sq. m
  • Residential Property, Total Area – 461 300 sq. m
  • Number of Apartments – 6 086
  • Commercial Property, Total Area – 225 000 sq. m
  • Entertainment and Shopping Mall, Total Area – 15 000 sq. m
  • Science Research Center — 9 400 sq. m
  • Day Care Centers and Schools — 28 000 sq. m
  • Hotel — 9 100 sq. m
  • Conference Center — 5 000 sq. m
  • Fitness Center — 3 600 sq. m

Unique park information and other high technologies.

We are developing Bionic Hill as Ukraine’s own version of the world-famous Silicon Valley. Positioned in a picturesque green zone within Kyiv’s metropolitan area, it is to become a leading hub and startup ecosystem for high-tech innovation and development. Bionic Hill is within easy access from all major commuting routes, and only a few kilometers’ drive to both downtown and to one of the capital’s international airports, Zhulyany.

Combination of residential, business and recreation space for over 35 thousand professionals and 12 thousand residents, Bionic Hill objectifies ultramodern eco-centered standards of living by offering most favorable setting for working, living, educational and recreational activities; this concept is taking urban environments by the storm.

Bionic Hill residents will be able to take advantage of innovatively designed infrastructure, including comfortable low-rise residential buildings, modern schools and daycare centers, a plethora of healthful lifestyle amenities, including an ultra modern fitness center with swimming pool and stadium, tennis courts and playing fields; a sophisticated spa center, professionally landscaped grounds with tree-adorned promenade and a surrounding park, as well as quality drinking water well system.

The high-technology business center segment will include ultramodern office and educational buildings, a state-of-art research & development facility, as well as various structures to house high tech innovation and development ventures. Bionic Hill will be equipped with its own hotel and conference hall, a shopping and entertainment mall; everything to satisfy the demands of its tenants, namely R&D and Engineering groups, agencies, project teams, start-ups and freelancers.