Ice slide Mega Ice in Shopping and entertainment center Respublika


Ice slide Mega Ice in Shopping and entertainment center Respublika

Kazakh company Mega Ice will create new format of skating rink in the biggest Ukrainian shopping and entertainment center Respublika. It will be the first skating rink with ice slide in Ukraine. Agreement for cooperation was signed on 24-th of October 2013. It has been announced by Alexey Savyak, Chief executive officer Megapoliszhytlobud LLC. 

Ice rink of 1204,1 sq.m gross area is the first Mega Ice project in Ukraine. Mega Ice skating rinks network, established in 2006, is an absolute leader on the Republic of Kazakhstan market in terms of construction, operation and development of skating rinks. Skating rinks Mega Ice are already successfully working in 4 Kazakh cities (6 objects), and also in Sankt-Petersburg (Russia). 

Outstanding features of Ukrainian project will be the only for now in Ukraine, as well as in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russia, ice slide of 35 meters long and multicolored branded skating rink with highlighting. Investitions in the ice rink, which will be located in shopping and entertainment center Respublika, will constitute more than 1,2 mln euro. 

“Respublika – is shopping and entertainment center of new generation, - considers Chief executive officer of Mega Ice skating rinks chain Erlan Umbetov. – It has been judged on its merits already not only in SIC countries, but in Europe as well. It’s obvious for us that shopping and entertainment center Respublika since its first days of work will become beloved recreation and shopping place for both Kiev citizens and guests of the city. That’s why we’ve chosen Respublika for launching of our first Ukrainian project.” 

“Mega Ice skating rink will be a good supplement to unique entertainment zone, which will be created in shopping and entertainment center Respublika. Public and evening skating, theatre on the ice, show programmes and performances of well-known figure skaters will be organized on the skating rink. In addition, figure skating and hockey trainers will be at the disposal of visitors”, - tells Elena Kravtsova, Head of commercialization department of project investor Megapoliszhytlobud LLC. 

“Shopping and entertainment center Respublika – indicator of new level in Ukrainian shopping and entertainment centers development. Mega Ice team is very ambitious and creative, meaning that we’ll be able to work out together the attraction which will magnetize not only Kiev residents but also capital guests in shopping and entertainment center”, - remarked Anna Popruga, Head of marketing and sales department of K.A.N.Development. 

Respublika project group: 
Investor: Megapoliszhytlobud LLC 
Developer: K.A.N. Development 
General constructor: K.A.N. Stroy Group 
Brokerage agent: UTG