Tetris Hall among finalists at Media Architecture Biennale in Beijing


Tetris Hall among finalists at Media Architecture Biennale in Beijing

Our premium residential complex Tetris Hall was nomitated for Media Architecture Biennale Award.

Architecture and lighting of the residential complex “Tetris Hall” was created in the image of a famous game Tetris. With the dynamic illumination of the biggest facade elements, we created an imitation of the game as if the building was being constructed from the falling figures.

The facade of the residential complex “Tetris Hall” has multiple layers of fenestration of multiple sizes. We bound lighting to the biggest windows to dispense the minimal amounts of lamps and not to cover all the facade. Under the lamps, the special content was developed whose plot is falling figures of Tetris that transform the building. The content implies a diverse change of shades including lighting support of events and festivals. One of the tasks in the design of the lighting was to make it so that the outer light did not fall on the windows of the apartment. To solve this problem, special lenses were developed to guide the light only outside. The lighting of the complex is controlled by a difficult system that implies future scaling on two more similar buildings nearby. On the roof of the complex, there is a landscape territory for tenants’ relaxation. In its lighting, we did not use lamps on a pillar and illuminated white cedar trees instead. It made the territory illuminated with soft, reflected light, not the linear one.
Hope we will win the prestegious award! 
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