New generation navigation system in shopping and entertainment center Respublika

The biggest in Ukraine shopping and entertainment center Respublika will please the visitors with absolutely new navigation system concept, which has never been represented earlier in any of Ukrainian shopping and entertainment centers, and thanks to which, in spite of huge gross building area of shopping and entertainment center (298 000 sq.m), no one of the visitors will get lost. 

Necessity of modern Ukrainian people to buy all needed things, use appropriate facilities and get first class service at one place becomes more and more actual. At the same time, there is always a desire not to spare a lot of time, that’s why our eyes are looking with increasing frequency for the guides and signs which are so indispensable when you search certain department or zone in big shopping and entertainment center. 

«Trendiness is dictating its business conditions in providing bigger comfort and better service for the clients» - states Elena Kravtsova, Head of commercialization department of Respublika project investor, Megapoliszhytlobud LLC company, - «working out architectural shopping and entertainment center Respublika project, we paid a lot of attention to certain zones location and foresaw in advance special conditions for comfortable navigation in hospitality and welcome services aspects, which are of great value among the customers». 


Chief Executive Officer of Megapoliszhytlobud LLC company, Savyak Alexey Viktorovich, remarks: «Next tasks were following while navigation maps planning in shopping and entertainment center Respublika: each purchaser free orientation in shopping and entertainment center, maximal informativity of all the guides, hypothetic «dead zones» reduction till minimum, optimal customer flow distribution and preventing, so named, «jams». 

Parking level will be divided into themed sectors, corresponding to Respublika concept, what will allow visitors not only get oriented better while parking places choosing, but also remember easier references to particular shops. 

«When projecting navigation system for shopping and entertainment center Respublika both detailed analysis of existent flows in other big Kiev shopping centers and questionings among visitors, whose preferences and remarks were taken into consideration, were held. Main navigation holders in shopping and entertainment center Respublika, along with traditional ceiling guides, will be interactive navigation screens, installed within all shopping and entertainment center, which will allow the visitors to get the information about their current location and make itinerary to any point in shopping and entertainment center. In addition, the possibility of viewing shops with special offers and sales is anticipated» - announces Gleb Korotkov, Director of HB Media company, which is elaborating navigation system for shopping and entertainment center Respublika. HB Media has already recommended itself as high level professional in many successful navigation projects in Russia. Now they have a good chance to apply their years long experience in Ukraine, moreover - to do that in the biggest country project. 

All the peculiarities and advantages of convenient navigation system can be experienced in 2014 already, when shopping and entertainment center is planned to be open.