Rebranding of KAN Development


Rebranding of KAN Development

For 18 years, KAN Development has been creating many projects that are important for the city in the real estate market. Ocean Plaza, 101 Tower, Comfort Town, IQ Business Center, Arena City, Tetris Hall are the buildings which have become the famous landmarks of the Ukrainian capital. 
We really have something to be proud of and eventually wer are ready to talk about us. At first, we decided to update our own brand. Together with the banda agency, we have redefined the image of the company as a whole. KAN Development is now becoming just KAN. The logo has become easier, simpler, more understandable and more open. So we say that we are ready for a dialogue and for co-creation. That's why our new slogan is the following: KAN — create with us.
"We are 18 years old company creating the face of a new Kyiv, and now we are changing ourselves to become more modern and closer to our clients and to the inhabitants of the capital" - says the KAN Development team.