Transportation within Shopping and entertainment center RESPUBLIKA will be comfortable for everyone


Transportation within Shopping and entertainment center RESPUBLIKA will be comfortable for everyone

Transportation on the three levels of Shopping and entertainment center RESPUBLIKA will be convenient and comfortable for all the visitors and guests of the capital. It has been ensured by project investor Megapoliszhytlobud LLC and developer K.A.N.Development companies, which plan to install 26 lifts, 3 of which are panoramic, 7 travolators and 18 escalators. The manufacturers of the equipment are companies of international renown - Schindler and Otis. 

“Possibility to transport easily between the levels – is important constituent of the comfort for all the visitors of shopping and entertainment center, and first of all for the handicapped people and parents with children and baby strollers. We plan to set up the biggest among existing in Ukraine shopping and entertainment centers number of lifts, escalators and travolators, in order all the people were able to get fast and without any obstacles into any part of RESPUBLIKA Mall. During 1.5 months, as of September 2013 - 70 % of escalators and travolators have been already installed”, - comments Alexey Savyak, CEO of investor company Megapoliszhytlobud LLC. 

Let us remind, that shopping and entertainment center RESPUBLIKA – is the largest commercial real estate project in Ukraine, which includes construction of shopping and entertainment center of 298 000 sq.m GBA. Project investor expects record-setting number of visitors – 60 000 people/day (or 20 mln people/year). 


Schindler company was established in 1874 in Switzerland. Today it holds more than 1000 departments and subsidiary companies all over the world. Annual turnover exceeds $5 milliards. 

Otis Elevator – leading world-wide known lifts, escalators as well as other vertical and horizontal transport systems manufacturer, which is affiliated company of United Technologies (UTC). 

Project Respublika Team: 
Investor: Megapoliszhytlobud LLC 
Developer: K.A.N.Development 
General constructor: K.A.N.Stroy 
Brokerage agent: UTG