Projects of the KAN Development companies group are recognized as one of the most exciting in Kiev


Projects of the KAN Development companies group are recognized as one of the most exciting in Kiev

Kyiv City portal Glo.UA published a list of 11 the most exciting and colorful residential complexes of the capital, which includes two projects the KAN Development companies group. According to the online publication new colors to the Kiev gives RC "Comfort Town" and RC "Parkove Misto" (the owner, the developer and the investor - the UDP, the developer - KAN Development).

It is the first network ranking. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it does not show the most ambitious and expensive projects - it shows houses that are often diluted a gray shape the post-Soviet city quarterswith bright colors.

"Firstly, it is nice that the city portal Glo.UA looks towards real estate in terms of emotions and moods.Bright colors and colorful architecture - is very necessary part for our city, which over decades built up with typical gray quarters. While creating projects, we primarily strive to make comfortable conditions for a happy life for our future tenants. That is why we are trying to convey positivity and good mood through architecture, landscaping. Sometimes it is so important among gray walls and monotony of everyday life to see a bright house - your home that gives you not only comfort, but also a bit of good mood" - says Anna Popruga, Director of Sales and Marketing of the KAN Development companies group. "Special thanks to the architects of these projects - the workshop" Archimatika. "Our common ideas helped to create two bright objects, and on this we are not going to stop" - summarizes Anna Popruga.

Let us remind that the residential complex "Parkove Misto" and "Comfort Town" has repeatedly became winners of various ratings and nominations during the 2009-2014 period, including version of the Ministry of Regional Development and Building of Ukraine.

Company «KANBUD» is the general contractor of both projects.

Based on materials from Glo.UA

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