“Respublika” by KAN: when done on time


“Respublika” by KAN: when done on time

In advance, namely on September 7, a new Respublika residential complex from KAN Development was opened, which is located in the Goloseevsky district near the Teremki metro. Such a time frame for the construction of the residential complex was achieved thanks to the use of innovative construction technologies, exclusively high-quality environmental materials and the cohesive work of the project team.

It should be noted that the construction was completed even earlier than the specified dates. A scrupulous approach to the deadlines and quality of facilities has been at the core of KAN's philosophy for over 18 years.

In particular, KAN founder Igor Nikonov explains it this way: “We are never ready to compromise with quality and timing. Instead of comfortable low-rise houses and spacious public areas, we are not ready to create concrete 25-storey boxes without courtyards, where a person does not even see sunlight. ” 

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