The most ambitious shopping and entertainment complex in Ukraine!


The most ambitious shopping and entertainment complex in Ukraine!

The construction of RESPUBLIKA, shopping and entertainment complex at the address 1 Kiltseva Doroga, is under way. Contemporary technological solutions, unique design and architecture make it possible to say about completely new conceptual solution for Ukraine among existing real estate projects. 

The concept for future all-season park was created by KCC, Belgian company which is recognized as world leader in development of the best modern family entertainment centers. The main sight of the architectural composition in the constructed complex will be the dome and façade designed by Archimatika bureau. The 100 x 80 meters glass dome will cover the central atrium, which will be the home for ice arena, restaurants and various attractions. The project of shopping and entertainment complex provides for popular in the world more than 500 meters height roller coaster as well as the Ferris wheel like six-floor building. Also, everyone will have a chance to try the first in Ukraine wind tunnel which simulates parachute jump, the highest fall tower – 18 meters and more than 30 exciting attractions. Also at the park territory with area of 1 hectare there will be children’s entertainment center, ice rink, roller rink, 12-screen cinema, bowling and fitness center. 

According to Dmitry Vasilyev, head of Archimatika architectural bureau, the British designers from Chapman Taylor, the international architectural and design company, trying to reproduce the atmosphere of the legendary Central Park at the downtown New York – Manhattan. 

The world-known architecture company Benoy is advising the project team with regard to the unique interior solutions and forms. In particular, the original areas for rest will be placed on the bridge, which will allow the visitors to observe view from above on what is happening in the most crowded place of the Complex and the glassed roof sections will create natural atmosphere due to natural light. 

“For the first time in Ukraine the special polymer pneumatic construction will be used for translucent covering, which is analogues to what was implemented for Olympic water sports center in Beijing and for Olympic Stadium in Sochi”, Dmitry says. 

The residential units which are an integral part of the same name multifunctional complex are designed based on principle of block buildings, which proved to have effectiveness in the modern world practice of town planning. The residential blocks in Spain, Holland, Sweden, Germany and Argentina are constructed based on this principle. 

Respublika, multifunctional complex is unprecedented architectural solution, the concept of happiness, which was created for beautiful and comfortable life, designed to bring joy and give positive emotions, confirming the slogan of the project – HAPPINESS