Сloser to happiness – Respublika


Сloser to happiness – Respublika

«There is no more beautiful city than Kiev», wrote famous Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov. Indeed, Ukrainian capital is renowned in the world not only for its spectacular sceneries and amiability of citizens, but also for being one of the biggest business, financial, commercial and industrial centers of Europe. It’s a place attracting everyone regardless of interests, activities or life style. Numerous cultural and art monuments, churches and cathedrals, well known Kiev chestnuts and cozy beautiful streets will conquer the heart of each tourist. Businessmen, in their turn, can realize here any ideas and impress people with unique projects without any impediments. 

In addition, Kiev – is the largest trade center in Central Europe. Capital agglomeration, where more than 4 mln people live and work, attracts constantly new retailers. Kiev retail facilities were accomplished in relatively small format recently. The first really huge project of super-regional scale is planned to be open in 2014. It will be shopping and entertainment center RESPUBLIKA (gross area – 298 000 sq.m) as part of cognominal mixed-use development. Investor of the project is Megapoliszhytlobud LLC company, developer - «К.А.N. Development». 

Mixed-use development RESPUBLIKA will provide its visitors with unique possibility to get everything that makes their lifes happier. New future Kiev micro district will concentrate in itself all the needed for comfortable life: cozy residential quarter with modern infrastructure (gross area 1 200 000 sq.m), gigantic shopping and entertainment center with first year-round entertainment park and a lot of other things. Convenient location of mixed-use development (on major capital traffic artery – Ring Road, with a daily traffic of more than 100 000 people) will allow reaching it the quickest possible both from any part of Kiev and other Ukrainian regions. Two new metro stations, capital bus terminal and airport «Gylyanu» located nearby will be additional advantageous. 

Shopping and entertainment center RESPUBLIKA, which construction is in active progress, will offer its visitors wide variety of goods and facilities, European service and comfort. Here all the capital residents and guests will have the chance to do shopping in world-wide known hypermarket Auchan, taste the most delicious dishes of different countries in 50 restaurants and cafes, renew wardrobe in more than 450 shops (not less than 50 of them will be represented by new brands or shop formats for Ukraine), as well as visit fitness-center Sport Life, 24-line bowling club, 12-hall cinema Multiplex, skating rink and a lot of others. 

The most emotional project part will be first indoor Ukrainian entertainment park (10 900 sq. m), which has no analogs neither in Ukraine nor in neighboring countries. All the volunteers will have the chance to ride the first Ukrainian roller coaster (height – 18 m, track length – 500 m), the highest ferry wheel in the country of 6-storey house, 20-meter long drop and twist tower, feel free flight in 12-meter wind tunnel, as well as visit 30 more exciting attractions. 

It will be possible to feel all the life's pleasures in 2014 already.