Construction of the biggest shopping and entertainment center in Ukraine is in active progress


Construction of the biggest shopping and entertainment center in Ukraine is in active progress

Currently investor “Megapoliszhytlobud” and developer “K.A.N.Development” are performing active construction of the hugest shopping and entertainment complex – Respublika. 

According to commercial director of Respublika project, Ruslan Lavrinenko, 50 % of monolithic frameworks are already finished, pile fields are completely ready and frameworks in central three-floor part of building are continuing. Also preparing works for facade systems installation, inside engineering and technical areas on the parking level (installation of metal substructures and masonry works) are in place. Construction of electric power station “Odesskaya” is in active progress as well. 

“We managed to reach such results due to coherent work of professionals, working in the sphere of unique for Ukraine real estate projects realization”, - comments construction progress Ruslan Lavrinenko. 

Multifunctional complex Respublika – is absolutely new for Ukraine conceptual real estate development of the project. It’s unprecedented scale of new city territories complex construction: sphere, which will provide population with all necessary infrastructural objects. It’s supposed to apply quarter construction principle, which is currently used in world-wide, especially in European masterplanning practice of Spain, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Argentine. The principle is demonstrating both masterplanning characteristics of construction and the highest commercial allurement. Under this principle exactly new quarters of Madrid, Barcelona, Antwerpen and other cities are being built. 

It’s worth reminding that shopping and entertainment complex Respublika will be the part of cognominal multifunctional complex of 1,625 mln.sq.m. gross area. It’s planned to construct residential area of about 1 200 000 sq.m. (45 low rise houses for more than 14 000 apartments), hotel, bus terminal, hospital, kindergartens, schools, multi-storey outdoor parkings, parks are planned to be erected nearby shopping and entertainment complex. 

Opening of shopping and entertainment complex is scheduled for 2014.