Shopping and entertainment center Respublika was presented in Cannes

The hugest shopping and entertainment complex in Ukraine – Respublika – was presented on the international retail real estate exhibition MAPIC-2012, which took place in Cannes from 14 to 16 of November. Investor of the project, company «MEGAPOLISZHYTLOBUD», developer «K.A.N.Development» and broker, «UTG» (Ukrainian Trade Guild) announced project opening on the international market for the first time. 

The Team of shopping and entertainment center investor, the only one on the exhibition, represented the project with the biggest and the most attractive maquette – 4.5x2 meters, and also introduced the project in augmented reality, which was of a great interest among MAPIC visitors. 

It’s remarkable to mention that also Cannes government executive and group of Austrian cinematographs, who shot news coverage about the project subsequently, were interested in Respublika stand. 

Thierry Martin, Auchan Group International Development and Partnership Director, held mutual presentation together with Respublika project representatives, which was visited by more than 60 guests. 

Big interest among international tenants induced presentation of Vitalij Bojko, partner of «UTG», project broker, on the subject «Why do international retailers have excess profit in Ukraine? ». 
Agreements with such well-known world brands, as Decathlon, Debenhams, Kiabi, Subway, LIUJO, LCWaikiki and others were reached during the exhibition. Meetings with representatives of 120 chains and brands took place (it is planned to open the biggest shopping gallery in shopping and entertainment center – more than 450 shops, where 30 % of the brands will be totally new for Ukraine). Representatives of large commercial brands evaluated the project as the most perspective in terms of its size and unique concept within coming 5 years. 

It’s worth reminding that shopping and entertainment center Respublika (GBA – 295 000 sq.m., GLA – 135 000 sq.m.) will be the part of cognominal multifunctional complex of 1,625 mln.sq.m. gross area. 

Opening of shopping and entertainment center Respublika is scheduled for 2014.