The IQ Business Center installed charging stations for electric vehicles


The IQ Business Center installed charging stations for electric vehicles

Two new charging stations for electric vehicles are installed in the first capital "A +"classbusiness center. It is the second office building of the project developer - KAN Development, in which the charging station has been implemented. Previously in BC 101 Tower charging electric serviceat first appeared among business centers of Kiev.This decision will increase the comfort of lessees and visitors of business centers who own electric cars.

Wall-mounted charging station GreenFuel W32A has aninput AC voltage 220 V ± 10%, it is able to simultaneously charge two electric vehicles and also equipped with charging connection J1772 and Mennekes. The station with changeable cables allows you to charge all of the major types electric cars (Nissan Leaf, Tesla, Renault Fluence ZE / ZOE, BMW i3, Smart ForTwo Electric, etc.), hybrid cars, electric bicycles and electric motorcycles and scooters.

For lessees who have access to the parking this service is free, for guests and clients of BC cost for charging is as a normal parking tariff.

KAN Development Company’s Groupwas founded in 2001. Among the numerous successful projects: the largest shopping mall in the capital of Ukraine “Ocean Plaza”, the first in Kiev business center class “A +” IQ Business Center, a business center class“A” 101 TOWER, Residential Complex "ParkoveMisto", "Comfort Town",Shopping and entertainment complex “ARENA City”, ARENA Entertaiment and others.

IQ Business Center (the developer and general contractor of the project - KAN Development Company’s Group) - the Ukrainian's first"A +" classbusiness center. For the first time in the office real estate market of Kiev in the same building all is provided for the status of the target audience: personal entrance, elevator, parking and even a certified helicopter pad.In addition, for the convenience of the residents within the complex provides its own infrastructure: a fitness center Sport Life Deluxwith a swimming pool, a coffee bar and a lobby bar, a conference center, status restaurant COIN, dining room for employees, a beauty salon, bank department and receiving point of dry cleaning.

GreenFuel was founded in 2014 by Ukrainian enthusiasts reflecting constantly growing global interests to electric cars. The team had a challenging task to create a manufacturing base in Ukraine. The company produces charging stations for electric cars in this hard time for Ukraine in hope that their products will help our country to become less dependent from imported oil and gas resources.