KAN Development has officially opened sales of the LIVING quarters of the “fine town”


KAN Development has officially opened sales of the LIVING quarters of the “fine town”

And you’re familiar with their housemates? Know anybody’s names, who does what? After all, relations with neighbors is no less important than relations with friends or relatives.
No wonder in many Slavic languages, the word neighbor is synonymous with “the middle”. In particular the poles “sąsiad, bliźni”, Chekhov “bližní, soused”, the Bulgarians “sysed, near”.

So how well do You know your “neighbors”?
And although it is said that neighbors, and relatives are not chosen, you all choose neighbors have the opportunity. Especially if You choose accommodation.
So, ideally, when buying a home, I would like to the paperwork, to get acquainted with future neighbors. Apparently, that was exactly my thought in the company KAN Development, and organized the celebration of “Wonderful neighbors” in the new LIVING Quarter “fine town”.

And this is interesting. Especially considering that the living quarter of the “fine town” is still under construction. And the holiday “Fine Susidy” is already there. The idea was to bring to life the concept of good neighbourliness, because the KAN Development team believes that the Association of apartment owners, is very important. When the neighbors not only “Hello”, but also know each other, live by common interests. This is precisely the case when the idea went to the masses and got their development.
It is always in projects of KAN Development build not simply square metres, and create a positive environment for living in which people live comfortably and communicate with each other. So the idea is not only to officially open sales of the LIVING Quarters of the “fine town”, but also to organize a friendly holiday and to meet each other first time buyers.

Saturday 21st of October a large and noisy company gathered future neighbors, their friends and local residents of Kyiv Nyvky district, to meet and chat, have fun. After all, the concept of the future LIVING quarters of the “fine town” and is to create not just a new home, and the society of friendly neighbors.
Was and pancakes and coffee, tea and Belgian waffles, and a DJ, and a group of animators and even some hot mulled wine for those who want. People meet, participated in interesting contests and enjoyed delicious food and drink in the fresh air.

On this unusual occasion “Fine Susidy” was not only cool to spend time with the whole family, but also to print their pictures from Instagram, or to compete for uptake with the neighbors. Those who are not yet part of a Living quarter from KAN Development, had the opportunity to talk and get answers to their questions.
They say that life should be lived to your neighbors to not be bored. Well if you combine its efforts with its neighbors, then probably in life really will have more holiday weekends.