Academy of Preschool Education "A +" Academy of Preschool Education "A +"

Academy of Preschool Education "A +"

Educational projects

  • 4 Reheneratorna Street, Kiyv

  • Location – 4 Reheneratorna Street, Kiyv
  • Developer – KAN Development  
  • General Contractor – KAN BUD   
  • Design – Archimatika  
  • Gross Building Area (GBA) – 3 535 sq. m  
  • Parking – 3 000 spaces  
  • Opening  – Q2 2014

The Academy Preschool Education "A +" - is a new modern center of the early development of a full day for children from 3 to 6 (7) years

In our continuous effort to create environments in which the unique and the progressive may thrive, we have created a state-of the-art building fit to fulfill educational environment’s every need and purpose. Each square meter is designed to foster innovative approaches to education, to promote comprehensive development for children and young adults.  

Academy’s school and kindergarden host a carefully planned variety of specially equipped classrooms, dance and arts studios, a concert hall and a gym, plus an outdoor football field and playgrounds; all created to house an array of diverse educational activities for every taste in their proper setting. Situated within our Comfort Town apartment complex, with every amenity and convenience in mind, this one-of-a-kind building fully accommodates a pre-school and day care center, along with the following:  
  • 250-seat performance space for cinematic and theatrical events;
  • journalism, radio/TV broadcast learning center;
  • foreign language learning center;
  • computer education center;
  • chess school;
  • gymnastics school;
  • marshal arts school
  • performing arts classrooms;
  • music and visual arts classrooms;
  • ballet and modern dance studios;
  • football and basketball hall.  

The Academy “A+” is thus able to offer an unprecedented variety of over 50 educational programs for children and youth, with scale and execution not previously seen in Ukraine. In 2015 it has won the very prestigious “Best Human Services Building in Ukraine” Award from the Ukranian Ministry of Regional Development and Construction.