Pechersk School International  Pechersk School International

Pechersk School International

Educational projects

Adress: 7a Viktora Zabily, Kyiv
General developer – KAN BUD
Project bureau – Archimatika
Total area – 5 381 sq.m.

Reconstruction and completion of the new building of the Pechersk International School, opened in 1995.
During the reconstruction of the school there were bult: new sports and assembly halls, laboratories, larger dining and kitchen. Inside the school a comfortable microclimate is constantly maintained, which contributes to the creative development of the students. The up-to-date and energy-efficient building has made it possible to optimize internal space and add new functional areas:
- 25-meter pool with 4 tracks
- Cafeteria for students
- Gym and sports area
- Multifunctional lecture audience
- 4 scientific laboratories
- Convention hall, equipped with the necessary light and music equipment