«Belyi kachalot» Car Parking «Belyi kachalot» Car Parking

«Belyi kachalot» Car Parking


  • Kiev, Chervonoarmiiska St., 1-3
  • Area – 14,500 m2

  • Capacity - 425 places
  • Construction - April 2002 - October 2003
  • Operation - October 2003 - March 2006

This is the first commercial parking of the European level in Ukraine.

The automated parking system with video recording and automatic control of entry and exit - an innovation developed in cooperation with Sintek. The concept, operation technology, transport scheme, requirements specification to the architect group and group of software developers are created by the engineering team and a team of project management of KAN Development.

Also, in cooperation with Monolith-Polymer, we have developed a parking floor which combines the characteristics of high performance, maintainability, and high efficiency.

This project served as the prototype for many modern parking lots commissioned in Kyiv after the White Cachalot by other developers.