TETRIS HALL (2 line) TETRIS HALL (2 line)

TETRIS HALL (2 line)

Residential projects

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  • Sales office telephone:: 044 227 31 90
  • Location - Kiev, st. Delovaya 1/2
  • Design Bureau -  A. Pashenko
  • Total area - 58,290 m2
  • Number of apartments - 341
  • Parking - 348 cars

TETRIS HALL (2 line)

The second stage of RC “Tetris Hall” - is two high-rise buildings, connected between each other by a covered walkway.

Both buildings roofs are intended for relax and pleasant leisure time of inhabitants. For the first time in Ukraine, a residential complex will have a full-size pool on the roof of a high-rise building. Freshness and relax in the middle of heated metropolis in a hot summer day – will be an excellent advantage.

The second roof will be equipped with BBQ-area with charcoal grills, communication and recreation areas. If you want to escape from a busy day, to leave behind all troubles and warnings and to feel pleasure here and now – you just need to have outdoor friendly or family barbecue on the roof.

The motto of RC “Tetris Hall” is to get pleasure from everyday life. Except an unique objects on the roof, there also will be a large list of various benefits for residents on the lower floors, such as: kindergarten “A +”, own fitness club, party-room for parties and family celebrations.

Space Hall area of about 300 square meters will be transform into a cozy lobby with a _replace, comfortable sofas, a bar, large monitors with connected game consoles. There will be everything for business or friendly meeting, spending waiting time, to think alone or to chat with neighbors. In the underground will be capacious parking and on the upper floors -modern penthouses with a panoramic view of the beloved city.

uring development the second stage of RC “Tetris Hall” project, an original and sophisticated architectural solution, which perfectly complements the first stage of building, was proposed. High-rise 25-storey buildings with big panoramic windows, neatly associate into the landscape and development of the capital. RC “Tetris Hall” incarnate the spirit of the European metropolis - modern, free, fast and diverse!