Residential Complex «COMFORT TOWN» Residential Complex «COMFORT TOWN»

Residential Complex «COMFORT TOWN»

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  • Kiev, Reheneratorna St., 4
  • Site  —
  • Sales office telephone: 044 364 6464

  • Design Office – Archimatika
  • GBA – 506,073 m2
  • Number of Apartments – over 5,000
  • Ground Car Parking Area – 5,352 car parking lots
  • First Phase – 105,000 m2 – Q4 2011
  • Second Phase – 53,700 m2 – Q3 2012
Residential Complex «COMFORT TOWN»

Residential Complex "Comfort Town" - Your little Europe in Kyiv metropolis!

The project is located on the left bank of Kyiv, 100 meters from the busy street – Vozziednannia Avenue. The right bank will be reached by the residents of Comfort Town through both the Paton Bridge and through the new railway bridge.

The proximity to the right bank will allow the residents to enjoy the beautiful symbols of Kyiv - Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra, Motherland figure. The Comfort Town is the combination of the concept "city within a city" which is already popular among the customers and the innovative European standards of housing!

The architectural style of the complex reminds a small Flemish town. The internal space is for wide pedestrian zones – future favourite places for walks and recreation. The variable floors of the complex will provide an opportunity for all to admire soft sunlight as from their balconies, and on the benches in parking zones.


This concept provides all the benefits for residents:
  • parks with old trees;
  • promenade area with places for recreation;
  • shopping mall and stores for all needs and requirements of the residents;
  • parking and guest parking;
  • own school and kindergarten;
  • children courts and courts for walks and games;
  • fitness center and stadium.