Services of general contractor

The construction company of the full cycle KANBUD * is a general contractor organization engaged in the implementation of construction, installation and engineering works on projects of various scales and levels of complexity, including at the facilities of a group of partner enterprises headed by the development company KAN Development. Experience and competence of KANBUD company allows you to control the quality and duration of work at all stages of the project development, as well as minimize possible risks associated with unfair third-party contractors. 74893031_626760224523422_37703692530483200_n.png

To date, KANBUD is building up its capacity to carry out general contracting activities not only at the sites of the portfolio of the above-mentioned group of partner enterprises, but also on other projects for various special purposes, namely: economy, business and premium residential complexes, office centers, shopping and entertainment complexes, educational institutions, etc. Thanks to a powerful technical base, experience and introduction of new technologies, we produce works in a high-quality and in accordance with the set schedule.

Among the main areas of our activity are construction and installation works, engineering work, general contracting in construction, geodetic control over construction, development of a project for the production of construction works, optimization of design solutions, finishing works, etc.

Competent management, a team of professionals, established relationships with leading manufacturers and suppliers, a strong production base, the use of innovative technologies and, of course, the rich experience of implemented projects enabled the company to establish itself as a reliable partner and become one of the most sought-after companies in Kiev.

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* License for construction activities series AE №290299 dated 30.04.2014, issued by the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine.